Health Management

Care Management Program

Our free Living Healthy programs are available to all Martin’s Point health plan members. As an extension of your care team, we’ll help make sure your patients are following the treatment plans you recommend, taking the medications you prescribe, and successfully managing the conditions you diagnose and treat. To refer a patient to our program, please call 1-866-800-8833.
Martin’s Point offers the following care management activities:
  • Chronic Care Management: Working with a nurse care manager to better understand their chronic conditions, ensure coordination with community providers, adhere to treatment plans, manage medications, improve self-management skills, and take proactive steps towards feeling better.
  • Transitions of Care: Working with a care manager to follow up after transition to home, complete medication reconciliation, provide education, review treatment plans, and coordinate follow-up care with community providers.
  • Behavioral Health: Working with a social work care manager to assist with both transitions to home and longer term support, review treatment plans, provide education, manage medications, improve self-management skills, and take proactive steps toward feeling better.
  • Maternity: Working with a nurse to provide maternal health care management during and after pregnancy to promote the best opportunity for positive health outcomes.

Generations Advantage Focus DC (C-SNP)

Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan Focused on Diabetes Care


Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans are designed to provide targeted care and services to individuals with unique needs. The Generations Advantage Focus DC plan (C-SNP) is a Chronic Condition Special Needs Plan designed for Medicare-eligible people diagnosed with diabetes as a chronic or disabling condition.

Network providers can find an overview of the plan, its Model of Care, and the benefits your patients receive on the plan at: Generations Advantage Focus DC (C-SNP) Model of Care Information For Providers