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For certain services and procedures, providers are required to request a preauthorization review for medical necessity. Preauthorization requests should be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the date of service or facility admission. Preauthorization is not required for emergency care.


Starting February 6, 2017, Martin’s Point Health Care will begin transitioning to a new web-based method to submit medical authorization requests. The online submission process will help streamline reviews and ensure that we have all the information we need to process authorizations as efficiently as possible. Going forward, please request all authorizations using our new online process.

After April 30, 2017, contracted providers will be required to submit authorization requests online. However, during the 90-day transition to the new online process, we will continue to accept faxed requests.  If you are unable to access our online form, please call our Health Management Department at (888) 339-7982.  Any other questions can be directed to our Provider Inquiry Department at (888)-732-7364.

Online Authorization Request